How It Began

Ondray was founded by a small group of millennials living in Bali.
And just like most people today, we spent a lot of time in front of the computer.

Tired of the daily eye strain, we decided to create something completely different, an eco-luxury eyewear brand that is traditionally handcrafted on the island of Bali.

We achieved our first milestone on Kickstarter and people loved it.

400% Funded

Backers from 20++ Countries

Combining Blue Light Lenses with Traditional Craftsmanship

Elegant frames married with authentic woods... What more could you ask for in an eyewear?

Meet Our Collections

Ondray Glasses in 60 Seconds 🎥

The Benefits



Sleep Better

Reduce Eyestrain

Bali's Craftsmanship


Authentic Woods

Durable Quality

Together We Can Commit for The Environment

Because we believe any business can contribute to making a positive change for our Mother Earth.

Pleasure in Simplicity

We believe that the Earth provides more than enough for everyone. Our mission is to create eyewear that is
"visually appealing yet simply made"
with natural, sustainably-sourced materials.

How It's Made

That's Us and Here's Our Vision

We're ordinary millennials living on the island paradise of Bali. We're on a mission to bring handcrafted product from Bali to the world with natural eyewear designed for today's digital lifestyle.

Meet Our Collections