Ubud - Oak Gold

Ubud - Oak Gold
Ubud - Oak Gold
Ubud - Oak Gold
Ubud - Oak Gold
Ubud - Oak Gold
Ubud - Oak Gold
Ubud - Oak Gold
Ubud - Oak Gold

Surrounded by lush rainforest, the beautiful area of Ubud is where Ondray’s woods are crafted. Similar to the Penida model, they are light-weight, stylish and equipped with flexible hinges.

With full accessories

50% Off prescription lens

50% Off polarized clip-on lens

1 Year warranty

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*Shipping in less than 24 hours

Frame: Stainless

Lens: MR8 Plus

Clip-On: Cat.3 Polarized

Temple Material: Oak Wood

Size: 55-20-140

Lens Type

Single Vision
1.61 Lens Index
Japan Made
MR-8 Plus Lens


Custom prescription are pre-orders

Manufacturing time takes up to 21 working days

Power Range

Power range from
SPH -10.00 to +8.00
CYL -4.00 to +4.00

More Ubud Style

Authentic Packaging

Designed and made passionately with naturally local sourced materials from Bali.
By using only natural materials, we're keeping to one of our mission, to contribute positively to the environment, while keeping that traditional elegant craftsmanship within our product.

Frame Specialty

Ubud frames are lightweight and made with stainless material. Attached with flexible hinges and wooden temples, below are the feature of this model:

●  Oak Wood
●  Flexible Hinges
●  Authentic Wood
●  Sandpapered
●  Water-Resistant

Multi Coated Lens

Premium quality MR8+ lenses manufactured from Japan, with multi-layer of SHMC (Super Hard Multi-Coated) including UV++ (UV420) coating, absorbing 100% of the blue light up to the 420nm.


● UV++
● Oleophobic
● Hydrophobic
● Scratch resistant
● Impact resistant
● Smudge resistant
● Anti reflective


● UV420 blue light protection
● Easy to clean
● Water repellent
● Not easily scratched
● Not easily cracked
● No fingerprint
● No mirroring from the lens

Pleasure in Simplicity

Shots of Ubud

The Benefits



Sleep Better

Reduce Eyestrain

Bali's Craftsmanship


Authentic Woods

Durable Quality

Ondray I.0 Collection

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Very happy with these glasses. They are light, comfortable with well fitted too. Recommended for anyone who is considering them.

frame is cool

The frame is so cool and fashionable, it is lighter, comfortable and the color is wonderful

No more eye fatigue11

Helped a lot with my eyes having some kind of feeling like migrane or a pressure. No more eye fatigue. Great choice. FIts perfectly. Nice design.

Gabrielle S
They look awesome and very lightweight!

The shipping was very fast and everything went super smooth! Great job!

Karen C
Love them!

Comfy and good lenses! So comfortable.