Penida - Oak Silver

Penida - Oak Silver
Penida - Oak Silver
Penida - Oak Silver
Penida - Oak Silver
Penida - Oak Silver
Penida - Oak Silver
Penida - Oak Silver
Penida - Oak Silver

Penida is a beautiful hidden gem of Bali, a small getaway island next to Bali. Lightweight and stylish, it is fitted with flexible hinges, designed to accommodate most face sizes.

With full accessories

50% Off prescription lens

50% Off polarized clip-on lens

1 Year warranty

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*Shipping in less than 24 hours

Frame: Stainless

Lens: MR8 Plus

Clip-On: Cat.3 Polarized

Temple Material: Oak Wood

Size: 60-12-150

Lens Type

Single Vision
1.61 Lens Index
Japan Made
MR-8 Plus Lens


Custom prescription are pre-orders

Manufacturing time takes up to 21 working days

Power Range

Power range from
SPH -10.00 to +8.00
CYL -4.00 to +4.00

More Penida Style

Authentic Packaging

Designed and made passionately with naturally local sourced materials from Bali.
By using only natural materials, we're keeping to one of our mission, to contribute positively to the environment, while keeping that traditional elegant craftsmanship within our product.

Frame Specialty

Penida frames are lightweight and made with stainless material. Attached with flexible hinges and wooden temples, below are the feature of this model:

●  Oak Wood
●  Flexible Hinges
●  Authentic Wood
●  Sandpapered
●  Water-Resistant

Multi Coated Lens

Premium quality MR8+ lenses manufactured from Japan, with multi-layer of SHMC (Super Hard Multi-Coated) including UV++ (UV420) coating, absorbing 100% of the blue light up to the 420nm.


● UV++
● Oleophobic
● Hydrophobic
● Scratch resistant
● Impact resistant
● Smudge resistant
● Anti reflective


● UV420 blue light protection
● Easy to clean
● Water repellant
● Not easily scratched
● Not easily cracked
● No fingerprint
● No mirroring from the lens

Pleasure in Simplicity

Shots of Penida

The Benefits



Sleep Better

Reduce Eyestrain

Bali's Craftsmanship


Authentic Woods

Durable Quality

Ondray I.0 Collection

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great Quality

Really high quality product

Great glasses

The glasses are super lightweight and actually do block out the blue light, unlike other computer glasses I ordered from different brands.

They are really comfortable to wear and I often forget I'm wearing them. Even my boyfriend who doesn't like glasses decided to order one pair for himself.

The only thing I don't really like is that the gap between lenses is too wide for my nose and so they tend to slide down.

Good feel, works well, could be 10% cheaper though

Good feel, works well, could be 10% cheaper

Harry. H

Like it so much